Latest version is 1.3 (release date 2021/3/29)

P2VJ is a vectorization software, which can convert raster images to SVG, such as "PNG to SVG", "Jpeg to SVG", "BMP to SVG" (the image format which java imageio compatible).
From version 1.0, Alpha channel is processed as I wanted.
From version 0.9, CUI mode is supported.
From version 0.8, PDF format (output) is also supported.
This program is published under GPL v3.0. You can use it free without any warranty. The latest version is 1.3 .

Latest version + Amazon Corretto can be downloaded from here (last update 2024/01/13, md5).

The older version is available from here.
Algorithm used in this program is written in my blog entry.


Photo by syokusyuhime

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